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AT&T® Official Site. Explore our wireless plans on America’s Best Network. Get unlimited talk & text with our cell phones plans with no overage charges, ever. The more lines you add, the more you save. Verizon offers a wide variety of plan options including Unlimited Mix and Match, prepaid unlimited and Business unlimited. Alternate plans such as shared data, single device, and connected device are also available. No matter your needs, Verizon has the best plan with . Learn about the all-new Jitterbug Smart2, our best easy to use smartphone for seniors. Our simple smartphone has a simplified menu, offers an affordable way to call, send texts and email, and even turns into a personal safety is-tech.tk: Samsung.

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Verizon Wireless Support helps you better understand your Verizon mobile device and other Verizon services. Nokia Nokia 2 V Prepaid Support, 2 smartphone plan. Wireless In Home 2 smartphone plan. Phones list collapsed Phones Back. Stores search Loading. Nokia 2 smartphone plan V Prepaid. Home Smartphones Nokia. Efficiency meets elegance with the slim and sophisticated Nokia 2 V Prepaid smartphone. Accentuated with bold metallic details, this device features a 5.

Color and storage. Payment options. Prepay Price, 2 smartphone plan. Waived activation fee. Device unlocking policy. Learn more. Device features, 2 smartphone plan. Up to 10 hrs of usage time. The Nokia 2 V features a vibrant 5. Turn up the volume. Stay up to date with the latest software and features.

The test included active usage of a device for 5 hours per day with a new battery. Usage included e. The test was conducted with normal device settings in a lit indoor environment. The device was left on standby overnight. Eventually the battery may need to be replaced. Device Specifications. Works in over countries depending on your plan. Highest SAR value for this device when tested at theear is 0. Compare devices. What's in the box. Download user manual. Based on 16 reviews. Rating 2. Rating 3.

Rating 1. Write a review. Highest to Lowest Rating. Was this review helpful? Yes No Slowest phone I've ever used. Hardly any storage space, which is why it's so slooow. I can't believe what Nokia has become. It's a shame, once upon a time, Nokia ruled the phone world. This is the slowest phone from all other cheap phones I ever had.

It takes sec to open text messages app, 2 smartphone plan, sec to open macy's web-site when using either satellite or wi-fi. This happens with all the apps closed. I rated this phone 2 stars. I was impressed with the size and battery life of the phone. Overall, I became more frustrated with how 2 smartphone plan the phone was opening an app. I can't understand why a company like Nokia would have such a slow system. A real disappointment. Nokia CEO, you need to do a better on quality control.

Especially if you want to compete with the others. Bought the phone to replace another cheap LG phone I had that broke not even a week ago. I'm new to Verizon and after one week of having the Nokia 2V it started freezing up really bad and the system UI would stop responding all the time.

Also storage 2 smartphone plan fills up so incredible fast. It doesn't have a regular gallery for pictures or a regular music library app. The camera quality is ho read more. A great cellphone from Nokia : big screen phoneit does what it was made to do. Watch video, movies, can't wait to buy the Nokia 9 hope to see it here soon. Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Barely had any space left after setting up, Is extremely slow, and does not do good with apps. When people video chat me it takes forever to pop up so I can accept the chat and then takes awhile for the video to pop up.

I have to close out almost any app I have on this phone and reopen it a few time read more. Yes 7. This device is really horrible. I do not have much apps on this device because I use it for my business. I only have the text messaging app and appt scheduler app and this phone still moves so slow. I wish that I could return this device because it is definitely not worth the money. Page 1 selected Page 2 Next Page, 2 smartphone plan. Frequently asked questions Ask a question.

Newest Questions. I just want a simple phone for simple use, calls, text, basiclly. Please unconfuse me. I have a flipphone that was part of my orginal ". Answer this question. As we complete our network transition to 4G and 5G, we at Verizon would like to keep you up to date with some important activities, 2 smartphone plan. We are moving all devices to our HD Voice 2 smartphone plan network, which offers superior coverage and performance compared to previous generation networks.

Was this answer helpful? Yes 0. How do I get it unlocked". Ness, there's so many passwords 2 smartphone plan we have to remember nowadays. It's totally understandable how one can forget the pattern lock on a device.

No worries, we can point you in the right direction for assistance with unlocking your phone. Which make and model device do you have? Melissa, we want to see you use that device to it's full potential.

However, your ability to do this depends on the details in your prepaid plan. Yes 2 smartphone plan. This device does not include wireless charging. Yes 2.

Maybe you should stick to the 2 smartphone plan apps or the go appsthis phone is running Android 8 go, if your trying to use the full blown version of Facebook, your better off using the light version and number two insert a 16 gig sd card and go to settings and format it as internal storage that way you can install anything you want and not run out of memory hence it solve the show down issue because apps can cache to the memory, this is a budget device people, so I was sure Nokia made it clear, so it's user error not the fault of the phone or manufacturer, people when you buy a budget just remember it's just that, you get what you pay for.

Yes 1. Ive noticed as a lack of storage 2 smartphone plan on the internal drive is used up the slower mine gets because it has to load and process it all and it doesnt have enough room for android to write logs,etc and it slows it down to process, 2 smartphone plan, it does have a quad core snapdragon so its pretty good for my tastes i reccamend a SD card for expanding the storage, its under the rear cover, 2 smartphone plan.

We would like to provide you with some detailed, personal support. Try performing a Factory Data Reset. You will need you email and password to your backed-up account. Yes 3, 2 smartphone plan. Plantronics M70 Bluetooth Mono Headset.


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2 smartphone plan


Be in Control. TracFone is offering brand new smartphone plans with unlimited talk and text and Unlimited Carryover® data*.. GET YOUR NEW PLAN TODAY. These plans do not triple. *Unused data will not expire if service is active and in use with the Unlimited Talk/Text Smartphone Card. AT&T® Official Site. Explore our wireless plans on America’s Best Network. Get unlimited talk & text with our cell phones plans with no overage charges, ever. The more lines you add, the more you save. Choose a new cell phone plan from Verizon Wireless with 2 lines in The United States. Verizon Wireless with 2 lines: prices starting from $60; Phone options available: Phones on plans (73), Bring Your Own More about Verizon Wireless.