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Android location APIs make it easy for you to build location-aware applications, without needing to focus on the details of the underlying location technology. This becomes possible with the help of Google Play services, which facilitates adding location awareness to your app with automated location. I want to save a log of method calls. Traceview supports that function and I can file format. but, I need to file format without DDMS. If I can't file without. Tom right now every time I trace my session Iam having to ask my dba to email my trace file and the tkprof outputfile to me, as I dont have access to the files on the database server (os-unix,a nd my client is on windows ) side.

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This question is Whilst you are here, check out some content from the AskTom team: DDL triggers - interesting results.

Questions trace files location. Question and Answer. Whilst you are here, check out some content from the AskTom team: DDL triggers - interesting results. Latest Followup. You Asked Tom right now every time I trace my session Iam having to ask my dba to email my trace file and the tkprof android trace file location to me, as I dont have access to the files on the database server os-unix,a nd my client is on windows side.

You would disconnect and log back in -- run this stored procedure giving it that file name and then you can "spool" the trace file from the android trace file location table to your local android trace file location system. Everyone writes to the same location. The stored procedure method is exactly how I allow my developers android trace file location tkprof and obtain their trace results, android trace file location.

I like the ideabut I ran into some practical problems. Then I modified field comments in the table trace to a long field. But then you say "spool" the contents of trace to a file, android trace file location.

If I then use tkprof on the "spooled" trace file, it gives me a DR watson error. I can still use tkprof on the original trace file. I can send you an example on the "spooled" trace file if you want me too. Do you have any clue? Best regards Dave Brys, android trace file location. I turned tracelevel 8.

The trace file does not show any WAIT: statistic at all. How to find why the query takes as long. RE: I turned trace Android trace file location views are designed to have the optimal performance when queried directly not for joins. In most cases we tell customers that if they don't like our views that are provided wiht [sic] the database, then they can go ahead and create their own, android trace file location. Tom, Thanks very much. I re-created the trace file and found WAIT: stats.

Mostly 'db file sequential read' Thanks. Android trace file location DBAs won't give access to trace files,becuase they are created by default file permissions,which only user "oracle" and uses in group "dba" can access them. RE: public trace files However, why would you want to open up a security hole like that?

About five seconds of looking at trace files with bind values, and I could have some interesting information that slipped right through the old security hole, right? This is not a secure thing to do because many trace files include hex dumps of potentially sensitive data.

The reason I don't do it is listed right above. I'm pretty sure the security folks at my place android trace file location work wouldn't look too kindly on bypassing security features I work in an FDA regulated environment How can android trace file location ensure that only authorized people are looking at the trace files they should be? Do think I would set this parameter on our credit card authorization system? No way. Curious what others do or how they feel about it.

Don't want Tom to get flooded by follow-ups though Please clarify. Hi, Tom, I got it so please ignore the above question. I really hope we could eleminate the quesion asked by ourself which we don't want ask any more and of course before you answer it. Thanks again, android trace file location. How can we know soon after a new trace file is generated? For example, when a new trace file is generated, I will get an email telling me about that.

Now, I check these two folders once in a while and sometimes find it's already too late to handle the errors. Or is there a better way to inform me via email or other ways about the new trace file soon? Thank you very much for you help in advance. Our Friend Cary Millsap at Hotsos. The tool is called Sparky. It uses Perl don't everyone throw up just yet on the server side and while I wouldn't be a big fan of this on production systems I have used it successfully in dev, test environments, it is free and android trace file location easy to install.

My application has a switch to allow the batch component to turn tracing on. I want to report the file name in our application's log. However, the batch component runs as an Oracle job. The file name doesn't match for these processes.

Do you know offhand how the job-based filename is generated? It appears to include the job process number. What to query? More specifically referring to my question immediately precedingwhat would I query to determine the filename? Early android trace file location the thread, you give the following code, which, from experience, provides a filename for non-job trace files: select c. How could the procedure KNOW if it's running as a job?

That should do it. Thanks for the previous example. As I was working through implementing this myself, I considered putting this job info into a context, for quick retrieval in a proc that would want to know if it's running as a job or not.

What exactly does this do? April 22, - am UTC Reviewer: vj from in. I have the trace file in the bdump, but I can not figure out for What process background? What s stand for which process? I also have seen the s, s tracefiles in the bdump.

Tom, Thanks you so much for the help on the tracefiles How can I confirm the MTS has been setup? I mean from the SYS views, init. Thanks, Mike. Trace File I can't see it! Hi, I have used the select c. What am I doing wrong? Still Looking! The next latest trace file is ORA Thanks for your help with this increasingly tedious thread. Thanks for helping me. Thanks for all your help. Tom, We get the following error while trying the method suggested. What is the reason?

Hi Tom, I faced the same error. I recompiled that and it was ok. I checked grants that was fine too. What else do I need to do to fix the error? Thanks for your time, android trace file location.

How can I get the absolute path of this parameter from sql? I have even allowed some time to pass thinking that it would be released, but it is not, android trace file location. It isn't until I terminate my connection that the trace file "goes away" on it's own, and I reconnect and do the steps over to "start from scratch" so my trace file is clean.

Thanks much. Which is correct? I cannot test since I do not have 10g database. Hi Tom I found few trace files and not sure how these files are generated. Thanks for your help. Hi Tom This data is our data and while loading this data this trace file was generated. Some fk are like 'on delete cascade enabled' Can you please help me to understand if we failed to create some thing or messed up some where?


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android trace file location


Jan 08,  · a. * is the file extension used in Android apps. b. 3 places: system/app (installation location AFAIR) data/ app (you can take the file from here if you installed an app) and data/app_private (APKs of apps marked as private in the Market). c. No idea, you do not need to know either. No need to do it at all. Tom right now every time I trace my session Iam having to ask my dba to email my trace file and the tkprof outputfile to me, as I dont have access to the files on the database server (os-unix,a nd my client is on windows ) side. I ran it on my Genymotion emulator and the file was not found. I then used the Android Device Monitor to look inside the device for the file but there was no file called saved in that location. I .