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Top 3 Address Book & Contacts Apps for iPhone. By Sarah Kingsbury updated on 04/12/ If you're looking for a great alternative to Apple's Contacts app, read on for three alternative address book, phone book, and contacts apps that will meet your contact-management Sarah Kingsbury. May 01,  · There is a compromise when searching the Microsoft Exchange Server Global Address List from an iPhone. If you are a system admin that is on the lookout for ways to optimize the smartphone experience, GAL search maybe a weak link. Many organizations prefer to sync the Global Address List to Outlook Contacts for each user mailbox. ActiveSync will cache these GAL contacts on every Author: Vern Weitzman. Jun 24,  · Where can you find the address book feature on Your contacts are located in the People app. Emails are easy to find in, and addressing a new message to a known contact is simple as well.

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Take control of your hundreds of contacts and keep them in perfect sync with the 's top contacts and address book apps for iPhone and iPad. Moreover, they can also let you instantly track down the duplicate contacts and remove them without any hassle. Arrange and manage your personal and business contacts in an alluring and effective style. These are the best contacts and address book apps for iPhone which make the task of managing contacts enviably simple.

Furthermore, you can easily import and export your entire contacts with ease. Find it hard to take control of the redundant contacts? This app works perfectly in discovering the duplicates and helps you merge them with just a tap. To ensure your contacts remain secure, it allows you to securely back them up. For additional safeguard, you will also export your data to Dropbox and Google Drive. Price: Free Download.

This app makes the task of backing up contacts and restoring them super easy right from your iPhone without having to use any computer or synchronization process. How it works? Quickly back up your contacts and send the file to yourself as VCF attachment via email.

To restore the contacts, simply open the file in your mailbox. You can set reminders to back up your contacts on a regular basis. There is also an option to delete all the contacts easily, iphone address book. The free version of the app allows you to back up only contacts and you need to upgrade to the premium version of the app to back up unlimited contacts.

You have complete freedom to organize your contacts as per your convenience. Whatever changes you make on any of your devices is synced across your devices. It also allows you to merge duplicate contacts quickly. Add notes to contacts to never forget any essential things. The best part is that the app automatically searches photos of your contacts through their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles and revamps your experience.

Besides that, it also comes with a caller ID function to let you know who is calling from an unknown or unsaved number. It also automatically blocks spam or robocalls from disturbing you.

With premium features, you can merge duplicate contacts, sync your contacts in background, and also backup your contacts to restore them later, iphone address book. Price: Free with limited features Download. By grouping your contacts iphone address book family, friends, iphone address book, customers, colleagues, it ensures they remain fully organized and quickly accessible, iphone address book. You can promptly create and manage any groups of contacts.

It also allows you to merge multiple duplicate contacts to deal with them a bit easier, iphone address book. More importantly, it supports 15 languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, French, etc. CircleBack is an ultra-advanced address book manager for iPhone. It updates your contacts when people change roles, jobs and also discovers new contacts in your Google, Microsoft and Exchange inboxes.

Group your contacts as old, archived, business card scan or favorite, etc. It makes it easy to find duplicate contacts and remove them.

You can recover the deleted contacts and even export them to Salesforce. As the name itself suggest, it allows you to effortlessly sync or move any pair of iphone address book contact accounts including Facebook, iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and more. Courtesy iphone address book two-way sync feature, it lets you merge the changes to each contact account.

Based on your need, you will be able to choose two-way, one-way or even manual sync. Moreover, you have the option to sync only selected groups and even prevent the contacts without a phone number and email from syncing. The app lets you take control of your contacts and groups with consummate ease. You can instantly access all of your groups and also add new contacts to them. Track down the unwanted ones and remove them at once without any hassle. To offer more safeguard to the contacts, make sure to back them up.

Besides, iphone address book, you will be able to restore them as and when you want. The app allows you to organize your contacts in multiple groups. Thus, iphone address book, it becomes more convenient to manage them. Besides, you will be iphone address book to communicate with people in a group comfortably.

Whether you wish to keep the junkies away or want to keep your address book in the perfect order, this app can get your work done proficiently. One notable feature of this app is that it allows you to bring all of your contacts from iCloud, CardDAV, and Facebook at one place. Therefore, it becomes pretty easy for you to keep track of them. For a simplified experience, you can create contact groups and also make a list of favorites for quick access.

I have found Covve a highly functional contacts manager which can be immensely helpful for businessmen and professionals who wish to leverage their network. Using proprietary technology, it finds and suggests information for your contacts and also keeps a tab on changes to keep details up to date. The interactive contact mapping enables you to explore your network and find out new insights.

You can also record notes against each call and instantly access your call history. Even better, the contact manager also sends you a monthly report with your most notable activities. So, take the full advantage of these finest contact apps to keep iphone address book address book organized and prevent it from being completely messed up.

Which contacts manager has caught your eyes? Let us know its name and also tell us the features you have iphone address book appreciable in it. Reviews Apps. Dhvanesh Adhiya. Last Updated: April 16, iphone address book. Sponsored Links. Tags Address Book Apps contacts iPhone. He is passionate about wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.

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Top 3 Address Book & Contacts Apps for iPhone. By Sarah Kingsbury updated on 04/12/ If you're looking for a great alternative to Apple's Contacts app, read on for three alternative address book, phone book, and contacts apps that will meet your contact-management Sarah Kingsbury. In the Exchange/Outlook Wizard dialog box, select the folder or address book that contains the contacts that you want, and then click Next.. 1. Expand the top Mailbox folder.. 2. Select the folder that contains the contacts that you want to import into Access. Sep 03,  · before you sync the contacts from the iphone to your address book, make sure there is at least one contact in your address book. It can be a real contact or a test contact. If the address book is blank and you go and try to move your contacts, itunes does not .