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replaced iphone 4 screen still not working

Apr 09,  · That’s why you might be able to swipe across the screen with your finger, even though the screen is black. The digitizer is working, but the LCD is not. The black stick is touching the display data connector. In many cases, your iPhone screen is black because the cable that connects the LCD to the logic board has become dislodged. When you replace the screen on an iPhone 4 there is a chance the proximity sensor will not work properly once you install the new screen, particularly if it’s a different color screen. The issue is specific to the iPhone 4 and not because of how the screen was replaced. Read more >. Apr 24,  · iPhone replacement screen not working after iOS ? Here's the fix Some aftermarket iPhone screens have stopped providing touch functionality after users upgraded to iOS If you're worried about your device, here's the is-tech.tks: 1.

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Released on September 19,this 4. Identifiable by the model numbers A, A, and A I run a professional phone repair business and have done several iphone 6 with no major issues so far. Today I worked on an iPhone 6 repair. The repair was going good, had put the new screen on and everything was fine.

Just then I replaced iphone 4 screen still not working the home button was not clicking properly, for there were some small glass chips around it; so I decided to remove it again and clean it.

I did so without removing the screen turned the phone upside down to work on the button. I removed the button flex, cleaned it and put it back in.

When I when to test it the screen didn't come on, replaced iphone 4 screen still not working, the power button didn't help either. I have removed the screen and put it back, checked all the connectors, have tried with the original screen again and nothing has worked so far.

Phone looks as it's dead. I have left it charging no charging icon with no luck. I run out of ideas, any suggestions from you wise people? Miki did you ever find a solution for you problem with the dead iPhone 6? I have the same problem! Hello mikiI have a small business in N, replaced iphone 4 screen still not working. Usually it happens within a week or so after the screen change. I have tried everything I know and still haven't found a solution.

I have the same problem. Got a screen replacement 3 days back and iphone 6 suddenly turned off in mid of using. Tried hard reset ,chargingbattery everything. Please, guide if any of replaced iphone 4 screen still not working came out with a solution.

Phone is not recognised by itunes. I did relace screen. Show 35 more comments. Is it recognized by iTunes? If so, this is no backlight after screen replacement. In the iPhone 6, this is caused by trace damage from mixing up the screws--aka "the long screw problem". My guess is that the twisting from lifting the screen pulled up on the screw bracket which tore the traces. Thanks for the post Jessa. I surely didn't mix the screws. The iphone is not recognized by itunes, there's no activity at all.

Definitely not a backlight problem. Has the phone ever seen water? This is an unusual failure out of the blue, replaced iphone 4 screen still not working. I always watching your videos and I really like them to much. I'm pleased with your explanation and its always helps for find out new things. My question is: can you find the ways for damaged traces? I mean one and second end for each traces on PCB. Somewhere they must start and and?! I was trying repair traces but unfortunately I messed up and two traces is completely lost.

I think find the and points and do external bridges. Please help me with this, can you send me the scheme, diagram or picture where its can be shown the end points of each traces. Please please help! Thank you very much in advance. My email is zazachokheli yahoo. Then get a multimeter in continuity mode and connect one end to the trace and run the other probe all over the board listening for a beep.

If you are going after iPhone 6 long screw damage, most of the traces through the screw holes originate under one of the big bga chips so a jumper solution is not a real option. Best to just scratch back until you find a tiny nub of the original trace to connect to. Show 8 more comments. I have seen this happen of the iPhone 6 before if any part of the home button flex is torn. Trying unplugging the home button from the board and seeing if that will power it on. David F.

I've only ever done like 10 iPhone 6 LCD repairs but they've always been so smooth and no problems whatsoever. Then i put old screen again, unplag the battery, push the power button to uncharge the phone and plug in the battery again. Then phone turned on, then without close the phone i put the new screen again and worked for one day, replaced iphone 4 screen still not working problem appeared.

I then put replaced iphone 4 screen still not working old broken screen back and phone working fine for two days now. If you unplugged and plugged the screen cables while the battery is plugged in that's an easy way to blow up a backlight filter which ends up being a bigger problem requiring board level repair as the filter would need to be replaced.

I know but it was the only way I could start the phone working again. I didn't turned off the phone but when I replaced the lcd it was on sleep mode, no lcd image. Achmad Khairi khairi. Check resistor damage in line home button to ram u, this line connect 1,8v sdram.

This line problem iphone not power on "dead". If there is a short-circuit capacitor, then the home button is automatically always in a closed state keep pressing. This results in GPIO failing in reading input data in other words error. For lcd replacement, the socket to the connector should be precise, because for the lcd line the voltage used is quite large, even without the battery the capacitor still supplies the residual charge when loaded. Keep the spirit and always be careful. Learn about ic that is sensitive to esdmaybe this one cause.

Rtsocial Rt. In my case, I fixed an iPhone 6 for someone in a rush. Tried charging it, soft reset. I thought screen was defective. Took out plate and noticed one of the connectors was not in all the way. Pushed it in, reconnected battery and voila. Did you disconnect battery before you work on this phone? Most people didn't realize that they knock off some of the component during cleaning or plied to disconnect cable. Otherwise, electrical shortage during cleaning debrish. Paul Tulip ifixphonesuk.

Unplugged the Battery, then disconnected the screen connectors carefully with a plastic spludger. All connectors are clean with good connection, replaced iphone 4 screen still not working, there were no screws in the connector plate after removing them, and the phone was working fine prior to removing them.

My problem might help you trouble shoot. I'm out of new parts so I used one from a used i6 we had for sale. Just switched the home buttons and plugged it in. Then Checked the screen and no picture.

Tried soft reset and nothing. Unplugged battery and nothing. Plugged in the charger and nothing. Placed a new battery and nothing :. I tried a couple other screens and nothing. Eventually I got the "no screen plugged in repeated sound" when charging, which seemed like hope. The phone heated up quite a bit too. Never found a solution though. Actually ended up putting a cracked screen back on the phone and paid half the customers insurance deductible which they luckily had.

I pith the screen back on the used phone and the same exact thing happened lol. Broke two phones so I threw that screen away, replaced iphone 4 screen still not working. Weird though because it was the original oem that the phone came with.

Hopefully this never happens again! Good luck to you. The problem with what you did was change the home button.


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replaced iphone 4 screen still not working


Apr 09,  · That’s why you might be able to swipe across the screen with your finger, even though the screen is black. The digitizer is working, but the LCD is not. The black stick is touching the display data connector. In many cases, your iPhone screen is black because the cable that connects the LCD to the logic board has become dislodged. iPhone 6 dead after screen replacement (professional job) I replaced the screen it was working fine till i put the phone all together then the phone died. hi i am encountering the same problem. i Actually replaced the screen of an iphone 6 with an other iphone of mine at the start all went well and the screen was working then suddenly. Hi. I dropped my Iphone on rocks, the LCD panel brok and i replaced it with the front panel kit (the front panel and LCD screen kit). i instaled it and pluged it to recharge abouth 1 hour and it dont whant to start. notting react wen i hold the power botton. i look at all my conections 3 times and it still .